sargol saffron price

sargol saffron price

What is the price of first grade sargol? What is the difference between the price of Saffron of the first grade sargol and the price of the second grade? What is the difference between second grade saffron and grade 2 saffron?

The price of Sargol saffron varies depending on its quality level in the price range of each   to   .

How many people want to know is the difference between the second-grade saffron and the second-highest grade?

To answer this question, let’s first explain what is the meaning of saffron and how is it obtained?

Sargol saffron means the cut string.  As its name suggests, Saffron Sargol is obtained from cutting or removing red currant from the white part of saffron.

In the process of separating the stigmas from the creamy part (white saffron), some of the stigmas are crushed and broken. Also, depending on the accuracy and quality of the work, some white may remain with the stigmas.

Regarding these explanations, you’ve probably noticed that the difference between saffron of the first grade sargol and the second grade squirrel?

Yes, that’s right, there is a difference in the amount of saffron and the quality of the words. Grape seed saffron is white, and there are no broken and stigmas.

Grapefruit saffron prices are higher than the Grade 2 premium.
Of course, it’s best to know that the presence of white whites does not indicate the impurities of saffron. Rather, as we have explained, it is part of the natural roots of the saffron plant, which is carefully separated in the first-class export of saffron.


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