saffron price per kg in india

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saffron price per kg:Buy the best saffronsaffron price per kg in Iran:how much does saffron cost per kg in India?
saffron price per kg

What is the saffron price per kg in india? How much is saffron worth per kilo? Do you want to buy high quality saffron? Where can I buy a kilo of first-rate Iranian saffron?

saffron price per kg:

What is the saffron price per kg? Harvest of saffron flowers in Iran in South Khorasan province is Aban month. Harvesting saffron involves picking flowers and separating the stigmas from other components of the flower.

The life span of saffron flower is short. So we have to fix it soon. Otherwise, hot weather and sunlight will reduce the quality of saffron.

saffron price per kg

Therefore, the people of South Khorasan Province pick flowers early in the morning and before dawn

After harvesting, you should immediately extract the red strings so that the red string does not damage the passing of time and the Quick corruption of the flowers.

In Ghaenat Mumtaz Saffron Company, saffron flowers are harvested from farms. The red strings are then quickly separated. In the end, saffron is dried using dryers.

The use of indirect and uniform heat, with a standard temperature, makes it possible to maintain the quality of red strings of saffron.

After drying, the stigmas have a pale red color and do not darken. In addition, it is smooth and without wrinkles and is very beautiful. Also the aroma, taste and smell of saffron are preserved.

After drying saffron, the types of saffron produce in various packaging are supplied to customers. If you plan to buy a kilo of saffron, we suggest you to buy saffron from our Company.

Saffron distribute in our Company from the stage of planting saffron until the stage of harvesting and saffron processing done according to the standard principles.

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saffron price per kg in iran

Buy the best saffron

What is the saffron price per kg? What are the factors affecting the price of saffron? We have several years of experience in planting and harvesting saffron. The skills of local saffron farmers and communication with saffron activists are the advantage of our company. These have enabled us to send high quality saffron to all countries.

One kilo of saffron that you buy from our Company is uniformly rich in red filaments. in addition to saffron is without any White part and all strands are healthy and coarse, and without broken strands.

Distribution of saffron in our company is according to standard principles. All stages of saffron planting and harvesting and distribution of saffron are completely hygienic and accurate.

The price of one kilo of saffron in our store is very affordable and very high quality.

saffron price per kg in Iran:

What is the Negin saffron price per kg? Negin saffron is the best type of saffron, Negin saffron is all red and has the highest color power.

The price of Negin saffron is higher than that of other types of saffron. Also Sargol saffron is a red saffron, but its stigmas are not asĀ  the Negin saffron.

Sargol saffron has finer and shorter strings than Negin saffron. pushali saffron has some white at the end of stigmas.

For this reason, the price of pushali saffron is cheaper than the price of Negin and Sargol saffron.

The highest percentage of saffron imported to India is Super Negin saffron.

To buy saffron in Mumbai, you can contact our company.

how much does saffron cost per kg in India?

India is one of the major targets and buyers of Iranian saffron.
In this country, most of the Iranian saffron is used for nutrition and pharmaceutical purposes.

When buying Indian saffron, saffron should have high color.

Because a large amount of saffron is used in the pharmaceutical industry. So the more saffron coloring power is more useful and valuable in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our company is a producer and exporter of Iranian saffron. Therefor you can contact our company to buy saffron in India.

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