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What is  Sargol Saffron? Where is Wholesale Persian sargol saffron? What is the price of one grade Sargol Saffron?

sargol saffron stigmas

In this article we would like to answer the following questions:
What is Saffron Sargol and how is it obtained? What is the the reason for the difference is the price of saffron sargol ? Which saffron is  the best saffron?

That part of pure saffron that is red and is located at the end of the saffron thread is called Sargol saffron. In preparing saffron, the white part of the saffron root is separated from it. This work; Multiplies the appearance quality and coloring power of saffron.

For this reason, saffron obtained from this method is called sargol saffron.

sargol saffron stigmas

sargol price saffron

The price of sargol saffron is higher than the price of  pushal saffron ,because sargol saffron has a lower whitefish.

sargol saffron depending on the quality it may have, has a different coloring degree. The best color for sargol saffron is about 270.

The price of sargol saffron varies depending on its quality.
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price saffron in india

The price of saffron varies based on the amount of order and the type of saffron and place of delivery (Iran or outside Iran).The price of exported saffron in Iran and in the Indian market depends on various factors:

  1.  Type of saffron
  2. Quality grade of saffron
  3.  Saffron standards
  4.  Saffron packaging
  5.  The transaction amount of saffron
  6.  Shipping methods to India
  7.  Saffron delivery method in India

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Bulk saffron prices in Africa

Bulk saffron prices in Africa

If we offer you saffron in Africa, the price of saffron in Africa, including:
Customs fees + customs formalities + insurance + taxes and… in dollars and euros.

Also you can contact us to buy saffron that is produced and exported for the African market. We are a producer of saffron.
You can receive your order in Iran or in the destination country.

Our company is a producer and exporter of Iranian saffron. You can contact us to buy Persian sargol saffron other types of saffron.

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