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the best services:

Some of the services of Ghaenat Saffron Company are as follows:

  1. High quality and variety of products
  2. Wholesale sales of products with 100% guarantee
  3. Ability to buy the best saffron at a cheap price online
  4. Supplying all kinds of saffron for export
  5. Expert and experienced team

Customer satisfaction has always been our main goal.

saffron packaging Khatam

Sample products:

Negin Saffron, Sargol Saffron, Pushal Saffron and  Bunch Saffron are types of saffron  offered in bulk and packaged in different quality grades.
Negin grade 1 saffron is one of our products ‌.
Features of this product are:

  • All red saffron
  • Large and thick saffron stigmas
  • No fractures in saffron strings
  • Very high coloring power

Bulk and packaged saffron:

Our company is one of the largest saffron sales centers in Iran, which sends saffron in bulk and packaged with the highest quality to all over the world.
Large companies that intend to buy saffron in kilograms can buy the saffron they need from our company.
For more information on how to buy saffron, you can contact us.

Bulk and packaged saffron

Product Price List

Product NameDescriptionPackage typestockprice
Super Negin-CustomAvailableCall
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About Us

The Ghaenat saffron company was established in 1990 with the aim of innovation, packaging and transformation in the field of saffron.

From the beginning, our company has been considered as a producer and exporter, and specializes in international saffron trade with different quality and packaging and customer satisfaction-based services.
Our company is active in the field of sales and export of first-class saffron as well as saffron production in Iran and has a 30-year history in this field.

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Saffron Ghaenat iran Manager

Mostafa Ghorbani