Buy Negin Export Saffron

buy negin export saffron

What is the price of Negin Export Saffron? Why is the export price of saffron varies from place to place?

Buy saffron one at a time.The quality of the export saffron supplied in our store is not comparable to other saffron buying and selling centers.

Saffron Negin Exporters Momtaz Qaenat has the following characteristics:

– The whole saffron is red (All red)

– Does not contain any white or creamy saffron

– There are no broken strands in the product at all

– Saffron is broken and saffron pollen is not present in the product

– Coloring power of saffron is high.

Our store is located at Saffron Production Center. The ever-present availability of saffron makes it possible for all orders to be use from the saffron newly produced (This year’s production .)

this year of saffron also has a bigger aroma than last year of saffron.
Due to the lack of whiteness in the negin export saffron, the color is very high. Coloring power of negin export saffron is over 240.

Negin Export Saffron is bulky and large.
It is better to use suitable packaging containers to prevent the breakage of saffron nuggets. Khatam packing are one of the best-selling packaging for saffron exported.

You can order the negin export saffron in the custom packaging through the site  of Saffron Momtaz Ghaenat Company.

You can contact our sales department to buy saffron:
Mr Ghorbani
Iranian saffron contact number phone number: +989159641840
WhatsApp Number of Iranian Saffron WhatsApp Number: +989159641840
contact us saffron iranian phone number: +989388171244
whatsapp us saffron iranian WhatsApp Number: +989388171244
Iranian Saffron Telegram Channel Telegram Number: +989159641840

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