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buy saffron from iranbuy saffron amazonwhich brand of saffron is best
buy negin export saffron

What is the price of Negin Export Saffron? Why is the export price of saffron varies from place to place? Where to buy Export Saffron?

buy saffron from iran

buy saffron from iran

Iranian saffron is exported to:
Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Germany, France, USA, Netherlands, Turkey, Finland.

These countries import saffron in bulk and without packaging. These countries supply bulk saffron from Iran. Then pack saffron in beautiful packages and sell it in the name of their country and brand.

Although Spain has a very small share in saffron production. but the saffron sold in the name of Spain is better known than Iranian saffron!

Our company is a producer and exporter of Iranian saffron. We export all kinds of saffron to other countries. You can contact us to buy saffron.

buy Australian saffron

Australia is a developed country in the Southern Hemisphere. It relies on agriculture with its economy and has always started growing saffron. It is an investment of Iranian saffron.

Iranian saffron is reasonably priced in Australia. Buyers of saffron are willing to pay large sums for Iranian saffron. For this reason, saffron exports to Australia are of particular importance to traders. If you want to trade and buy saffron, contact our experts.

buy saffron amazon

buy saffron amazon

One of the most reputable and popular online stores in the world is the Amazon International Store. This site offers different types of saffron at different prices. Despite this, in some cases even at a lower price than the market price. After buying saffron from Amazon; Posts saffron to the customer.

buy saffron near me

The quality of the export saffron in our store is not comparable to other centers.

Saffron Negin Exporters Momtaz Qaenat has the following characteristics:

  • The whole saffron is red (All red)
  • Does not contain any white or creamy saffron
  • There are no broken strands in the product at all
  • Saffron is broken and saffron pollen is not present in the product
  • Coloring power of saffron is high.

Our store is located at Saffron Production Center. The ever-present availability of saffron makes it possible for all orders to be use from the saffron newly produced (This year’s production .)

this year of saffron also has a bigger aroma than last year of saffron.
Due to the lack of whiteness in the negin export saffron, the color is very high. Coloring power of negin export saffron is over 240.

Our company is a producer and exporter of Iranian saffron. You can contact us to buy Export Saffron.

which brand of saffron is best

Negin Export Saffron is bulky and large.
Therefor it is better to use suitable packaging containers to prevent the breakage of saffron nuggets. Khatam packing are one of the best-selling packaging for saffron exported.

You can order the negin export saffron in the custom packaging through the site  of Saffron Momtaz Ghaenat Company.

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