iranian saffron price per kilo

iranian saffron price per kilo

What is the price per kilogram of Iran’s export saffron now? Looking for the best Iranian export saffron at the most affordable price?
Do you plan to buy Iranian export of saffron in bulk and in kilo?

iranian saffron price per kg:

The price per kilogram of sargol saffron in Iran is $ 990 and the price per kilogram of negin saffron in Iran is $ 1210 .

Many saffron buyers ask when they buy saffron which saffron is better?
Perhaps, after doubting the price of saffron between the choice of saffron, you may doubt it.

In response, we must say that if you plan to export saffron, you should buy the highest quality saffron.

As you know, saffron of Iran is divided into different types of negin, sargol, pushal and bunch. Each type of saffron is categorized in terms of quality to export grade, grade one, two and three.

When you buy Iranian export saffron, at the request of your customer abroad, you can buy saffron.

For example, in the Arab countries, saffron shoals have more fans. In European countries, Saffron Sargol and Negin Export is very popular.

iranian saffron price per kilo iranian saffron price per kg

You can buy saffron Sargol, negin, pushal and banch wheat with the highest quality possible from Saffron Momtaz Ghaenat Company.

At your request, saffron can be made in bulk or packaged in desired weights.

The quality of saffron is guaranteed and the product analysis page confirms it.
For more information on exporting saffron and buying saffron for export, you can contact us.

saffron price per kg in iran:

saffron price per kg in iran depends on the type of saffron and its quality,Negin Saffron is the best type of Saffron Negin Saffron is all red And it has the highest color power.

The price of Negin saffron is higher than that of other types of saffron, Sargol saffron is also all red saffron

But the quality of its stigmas is not like saffron,In fact, the stigma of negin saffron is Bolder and thicker than has saffron sargol.

Pushali saffron has 1 to 2 mm white at the end of stigma  For this reason it has less color power.

So the price of pushali saffron is cheaper than the price of Negin and Sargol saffron.


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