sargol saffron in dubai

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sargol saffron price in dubai:Buy Organic Saffron:1 kg saffron price in dubai:
sargol saffron in dubai

What is the price of Sargol saffron in Dubai? How much is the profit of saffron exports to the UAE? How to get instant quote from saffron in Dubai?

sargol saffron price in dubai:

What is the best saffron for export to Dubai?  How much is the sale price of saffron Negin and Sargol?

The amount of saffron supply and demand in saffron, as well as the quality of saffron, determines the price of saffron in global markets.

The United Arab Emirates has been the first and the largest importer of saffron by purchasing more than 22 tons of saffron from Iran in 2018, which has earned $ 33 million to the country.

The price of saffron has a lot of fluctuations and is not constant, but you can get acquainted with the instant price of saffron by entering the Momtaz ghaenat Saffron Shop website.

1 kg saffron price in dubai

Buy Organic Saffron:

If you are a major buyer of saffron and intend to export saffron to Dubai, you can buy saffron from the manufacturer by buying saffron at a very cheap price.

Buy saffron from the manufacturer or the main centers of saffron distribution has several advantages:
Firstly, by purchasing saffron from its main production center, you are sure that there is no intermediary between you and the producer, so you will receive saffron with the same initial quality of production.

The more intermediaries between saffron producers and consumers of saffron, the more during these stages, due to more transportation and transportation, and the conditions of storage and inappropriate storage of saffron quality will fall.

Another advantage is the purchase of saffron from the saffron producer; saving costs and making more profit.

Our company is one of the saffron producers who has been in the field of planting and growing saffron for several years.
Our company has a lot of experience in planting saffron. We also have a lot of knowledge and skills in the field of saffron production and export.
So we export our saffron all over the world so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of organic saffron

saffron price in dubai airport iranian saffron price in dubai

Characteristics of saffron exported in Momtaz Qaenat Saffron Store:

  • Easy access to a wide range of the country’s finest saffron.
  • High quality bulk and packaged saffron types.
  • Having all the standards and criteria for exporting saffron.
  • Diligent export saffron.
  • Very good price for saffron.

These factors have made it possible for saffron exporters to be satisfied.

Therefore, the main buyers of saffron and those who intend to export saffron to overseas, such as Dubai, will provide saffron to our store.

1 kg saffron price in dubai:

1 kg saffron price in dubai

The price of saffron depends on many factors
The most important factor determining the price of saffron is the type of saffron and its quality.

Saffron price chart in the order of price increase:

  1. Bunch  saffron
  2. Pushali saffron
  3. Sargol saffron
  4. Negin Saffron

As stated above the price of saffron increases so that the price of Negin saffron is higher than other types of saffron.

Classification criteria of saffron in different degrees is Percentage of white saffron to Saffron string.

The saffron stem was white and the saffron strand was red And whatever the percentage of red to white in saffron is higher, the saffron coloring power was higher and the price of saffron will also be higher.

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