Best saffron of iran

best saffron of iran

What is the best Iranian saffron in the province of Iran? What is the cause of Saffron’s reputation? What is the price of first grade saffron?

The best Iranian saffron belongs to the Ghaenat area of South Khorasan province.

  What are the characteristics of saffron Ghaenat that has made it global famous?

The history of saffron planting dates back to 700 years ago. Iranians were the first people to know this valuable plant.

The root of saffron is referred to the ancient Persian and Sanskrit.
Saffron is a tropical plant that does not grow in any climate. The saffron plant does not require much water. It does not grow in areas with high rainfall.

Altitude and weather conditions in South Khorasan province provide the best conditions for growing and producing saffron plants.
  The best saffron of Iran is taken from agricultural fields of South Khorasan province.

The high quality of saffron in Coloring power and high odor, has led to the first rank of quality in the world to give saffron Ghaenat.

The Momtaz Ghaenat saffron shop is located in the South Khorasan Province and has access to saffron throughout the year.

The farmers in the Ghaenat  area, who are in the main effort to produce saffron, and our store support farmers from Buy direct saffron from farmers, which maintains the quality of saffron and prevents false price increases for saffron.

All our efforts are to produce and distribute saffron with the highest quality and customer satisfaction.
  That all people can enjoy the true flavor of Ghaenat saffron.

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