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where to buy saffron powder

where to buy saffron powder

What do you know about saffron powder?  How is saffron powder produced? What do you need to pay attention to when buying saffron powder? What is the price of saffron powder? Where can I purchase high quality saffron powder?

If you plan to buy saffron powder, pay attention to a few points before buying saffron.

Because saffron filaments are powdered in safflower powder After saffron courses, you will not be able to identify the quality of saffron.

For example, when you plan to buy saffron sargol, The coarse and healthy nature of the red string and the amount of cream with the stigma will somewhat determine the quality of the sargol saffron.

In this regard, the purchase of saffron powder is of prime importance.

Saffron powder is made from saffron and 100% pure saffron in Momtaz Ghaenat Saffron Co.
According to customer’s request, saffron pushal, sargol and negin of sarayan area are minced and presented as saffron powder.

Because there is no impurity and cream of saffron in a variety of saffron powder, the coloring power of saffron powder is very high.

So that by dissolving a very small amount of saffron powder in water, a red color will be produced.  The smell and taste of saffron powder is exactly the same as saffron.
Application of saffron powder to cater for all kinds of food, desserts and drinks in hotels, restaurants, confectionery and more.

The price of saffron powder is much cheaper than saffron prices.

As stated, the coarse and healthy nature of the saffron rolls determines the quality of saffron And no matter how much saffron the pen is; The price will be higher.

Since the powdered saffron does not have this feature, the price of saffron powder is very cheap and suitable.

By purchasing saffron powder you can save on your expenses and pay at a lower cost (compared to buying saffron sargol, negin and …)  Take advantage of the taste and smell of saffron.

You can contact us to buy saffron powder.

You can contact our sales department to buy saffron:
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