saffron negin export iranian

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best saffron brand in iranhow to buy saffron from iransuper negin saffron iran
saffron negin export iranian

What are the characteristics of Saffron Negin Export iranian? What is the difference between sargol Saffron and Negin Export Saffron? How much is the price per kilo of export  negin saffron?

best saffron brand in iran

best saffron brand in iran

Iran is the largest producer of saffron in the world and ranks first. Ghaenat has a global brand in the field of saffron production.

The best brand of saffron; Is a brand that buys saffron directly from the farmer. Because there are different brands in the field of saffron to supply their saffron; Saffron is prepared by intermediaries.

Most importantly, the quality of the saffron offered is also the main factor of a brand’s superiority.

how to buy saffron from iran

Momtaz ghaenat saffron company in southern Khorasan Province, due to access to a large volume of a premium and first class saffron; is one of the main suppliers of saffron for export.

Ghaenat Premium Saffron Store is located in South Khorasan Province, Iran. Our company due to access to large volumes of organic saffron throughout the year; It is one of the main suppliers of export saffron.

We export all kinds of saffron to other countries. You can contact us to buy saffron negin export iranian.

super negin saffron iran

super negin saffron iran

Saffron Negin Export has special characteristics that distinguishes it from other types of saffron, and because of this, neigen saffron is used for export abroad. The features of saffron negin export can be noted:

  • Very high coloring power of about 230 to 270
  • High coloring power
  • All red (no White saffron)
  • Coarse and thick saffron rolls
  • The length of the strings (there are no broken strands in saffron)

The strings of saffron negin  exported are more thick than sargol saffron. The lengths of the strings are also higher, so that saffron
strings are finer and shorter than negin saffron.

Exporting negin saffron directly  are separated from other parts of the flower; therefore, they do not have broken strings and the health of the stigmas is preserved during the production process.

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