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Export of Iranian saffron to Turkey

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How much is the export price of saffron to Turkey?  What should I do to export saffron to Turkey? Where can I buy different grades of saffron grades in major quantities? How much is the export of saffron to Turkey?

If you want to know about the rules for exporting saffron to Turkey, follow the text.

Major production of saffron belongs to the provinces of Khorasan Razavi and South Khorasan.  80 percent of the country’s saffron is exported. UAE, Spain, China and Turkey are the main buyers of Iranian saffron.

The existence of fluctuations in exchange rates and changes in the price of saffron days have caused Iranian businessmen not to be able to play for sale.

Countries like Turkey buy saffron in bulk and at a low price and enter their country, and then sell them at a very high price by packing their saffron in their own country.

By sawing Iranian saffron and packaging saffron, it is possible to prevent the fraud and sale of unprofitable saffron by the name of Iran.

Also, saffron growers can buy saffron and support domestic production, which can help boost the export of saffron.


Selling and selling saffron in packaging also preserves the quality of saffron.

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