saffron price for 1 kg

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saffron kg price in bangladeshhow much is saffron worth per kilosaffron price per kg in kenya
saffron price for 1 kg

How much is saffron price for 1 kg? What is the cost of packaging a kilogram of grade 1 export saffron? What is the price per gram of packaged export saffron?

saffron kg price in bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country in South Asia bordering India. Iranian saffron and Indian saffron are popular in the markets of this country. Bangladesh is also an importer of saffron.

the saffron price in bangladesh, including all costs, depends on different factors depending on the destination country.

Because each country has different customs clearance and clearance rates and taxes.

saffron price per kg 2018

how much is saffron worth per kilo

The price of one kilo of first-class export saffron varies if it is in bulk or packaged.

To calculate the cost of one kilo of export saffron, you must first specify the type of saffron and its quality grade.
Each type of saffron is priced differently from other types.

The best types of export saffron are Saffron Negin and Sargol Exports.
No matter how much saffron has a higher color strength and more favorable appearance, High quality and naturally will have higher prices.

In addition to the price of export saffron itself, export costs must also be calculated.

saffron price per kg in kenya

saffron price per kg in kenya

The price of saffron in Kenya is determined by a number of factors, including:

  • Type of saffron
  • degree of quality of saffron
  • Saffron standards
  • Type of saffron packaging
  • Order amount of saffron

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Exporting saffron requires obtaining health, standard and … licenses.

In addition to licensing fees; customs clearance and saffron shipping, there is also the cost of clearance for saffron in the destination country.

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