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Are you planning to buy saffron in bulk? Where is the saffron price in dubai per kg?  How much is 1 kg saffron price in dubai?  how much saffron wholesale price in dubai?

afghan saffron price in dubai:

Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan. Herat is also one of the most populous cities and the center of saffron production.
But the price of saffron in Kabul and the price of saffron in Herat are also different.

Afghanistan produced 10.6 tons of saffron last year. Afghanistan became the third largest producer of saffron in the world after Iran and India.

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Best quality saffron price in dubai:

Saffron sales and sales in Dubai And the persian Gulf countries,It has increased a lot more than it used to. Iranian saffron accounts for 95% of global export exports.

The high quality of Iranian saffron in terms of color power and the necessary options has attracted many fans around the world.

The remarkable thing about exported saffron in Iran is the presence of very low levels of safranal compared to saffron in other parts of the world. If you want to buy saffron for export to Dubai or other countries, You can get your desired saffron in bulk and packaged from our saffron store in Dubai.

Qaenat Saffron Company located in Iran South Khorasan province offers high quality saffron varieties for export to overseas.

Saffron shoppers can easily order and buy the quantity of saffron they need from our store in Dubai.
Because we have a saffron sales office in Dubai!

Our customers can order us as many kilos of saffron as they need because we can easily supply them with high quality of saffron.

saffron price in dubai today:

saffron price in dubai airport saffron wholesaler dubai

The supply and demand of saffron over a period of time, as well as the quality of saffron, determine the price of saffron in world markets.

The United Arab Emirates has been the first and largest importer of saffron to buy more than 22 tonnes of saffron from Iran in 2016, generating $ 33 million in revenue.

The price of saffron fluctuates a lot and is not constant but you can get it by contacting us today.

saffron cost in dubai

saffron wholesale price in dubai saffron price in dubai

If you are a major buyer of saffron
And you want to export saffron to Dubai; you can buy saffron from the producer at very cheap prices and export it to other countries with a higher profit.

First, by buying saffron from its main production center, you can be sure that there will be no middleman between you and the producer.
So you will receive saffron with the same initial quality of production.

The higher the intermediates between the saffron producer and the saffron consumer during these stages, the saffron quality will decline due to more handling and transportation and poor storage and storage conditions.

Another advantage of buying saffron from a saffron manufacturer is to save money and make more money.

Qaenat momtaz Saffron Shop is a manufacturer of saffron that has many years of experience in planting saffron.Many years of experience and knowledge of saffron has led us to bring our region’s saffron to the rest of the world so that all people can enjoy the unique benefits of our saffron.

iranian saffron price in dubai:

iranian saffron price in dubai saffron wholesaler dubai

Due to its high quality, Iranian saffron has been able to lead the world markets.
Because Iranian saffron is considered to be the best and most quality saffron in the world and many people have been able to get more acquainted with the quality of Iranian saffron by buying directly from Iran.

You can ask for the price of bulk and packaged saffron And you can buy saffron without us.

We have the ability to supply high quality saffron. We will meet your need for saffron supply.

Features of exported saffron offered at Qaenat momtaz saffron company:

  • Easy and permanent access to a wide range of the finest quality saffron in Iran.
  • High quality bulk and packaged saffron varieties.
  • Having all the standards and criteria required for saffron export.
  • Very reasonable price for saffron.

These factors have made us able to obtain the satisfaction of buyers of saffron.

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