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Saffron Suppliers Manufacturers Wholesalers

Who are the Saffron Suppliers Manufacturers Wholesalers? Which country is the largest producer of saffron in the world? Where is Saffron Wholesale Center?

Where is the best Saffron Wholesale from?

Saffron cultivation in Iran is about 400 tons per year and saffron exports are 300 tons. This has made Iran the largest producer and exporter of saffron in the world.

The provinces of Khorasan Razavi and South Khorasan in Iran account for 85% of saffron production. Iran’s climatic and climatic conditions have made saffron quality very high. The aroma and color of Iranian saffron is very high and ranks first in the world in terms of quality.

Our company is one of Saffron Suppliers and Saffron Wholesale.

saffron producer

Saffron planting in Iran is several thousand years old. More than 90% of the world’s saffron is produced in Iran. The provinces of Khorasan Razavi and South Khorasan produce the best types of saffron due to their suitable climate for planting saffron and fertile soil.

Our company in Iran is a producer of saffron in South Khorasan province. We have many saffron farms in this province. After harvesting saffron from farms, different types of saffron are produced according to standard and hygienic methods and sent to other countries of the world in packaged form.

high quality saffron

high quality saffron saffron producer

When buying saffron, we must pay attention to what money and what quality of saffron we want to buy. We are all looking to buy original and high quality saffron. The following factors are used to measure the quality of saffron:

 1- Crocin, which causes the red color of saffron

2- Picrocrocin, which causes the taste of saffron

3- Safranal, which causes the smell of saffron

High quality saffron is a saffron that has high coloring power and high aroma and taste. Research shows that Iranian saffron has the highest quality in terms of color strength compared to saffron in other countries.

You can buy Iranian saffron from our company, which also produces saffron. Our company is Saffron Wholesale Center and Exporter of Iranian saffron.

saffron manufacturers in Iran

As we have said, Iran is the largest producer of saffron. In most provinces of Iran, saffron is planted, but the provinces of Khorasan Razavi and South Khorasan are the largest producers of saffron in Iran.

Saffron is harvested from farms and separated by farmers; red saffron stigmas are separated from other components of saffron flowers. Then the saffron stigmas are dried. Saffron produced by farmers is marketed and various companies sell saffron in packaged form.

iran saffron buy online

iran saffron buy online

Our company is a producer and exporter of Iranian saffron. Saffron is exported in packaged form to most countries of the world.

We test the saffron we send to our customers according to the following criteria:

  1. The amount of crocin (saffron red color agent)
  2. The amount of picrocrocin (saffron flavoring agent)
  3. Safranal amount (saffron aromatic agent)
  4. The originality and purity of saffron
  5. Percentage of saffron moisture

After the quality and originality of the saffron is confirmed, we send the saffron to the customer and the test result will be sent to the customer.

saffron Khorasan

The provinces of Khorasan Razavi and South Khorasan are the largest saffron producing provinces in Iran. In Iran, saffron is known as Khorasan saffron. Saffron in this region has many fans due to its unique aroma and good taste.

Ghaenat and Torbat Heydariyeh are the largest producers of saffron in Iran. Ghaenat saffron and Torbat Heydariyeh saffron are very popular among Iranians.

saffron wholesale Iran

saffron manufacturers in iran

Our company in Iran is one of the wholesalers of saffron. We can supply saffron to our customers in kilograms and tonnage in the shortest possible time.

Types of saffron bunches, Pushali saffron, Sargol saffron, Negin saffron available in a variety of qualities. According to the customer’s request, saffron is sent to the customer in the desired packaging and weights.

The quality of all products is guaranteed and the certificates are available. The wholesale price of saffron is also very reasonable. Our company is Saffron Wholesale Center and Exporter of Iranian saffron therefore you can contact us.

Iran saffron export

95% of the share of saffron exports is related to Iran. Iranian saffron is exported to countries around the world with different packaging under different brand names.

Saffron is a valuable and precious product. To maintain the quality of saffron, it should not be exposed to sunlight and moisture. During the transportation of saffron, saffron stigmas should not be broken.

Therefore, the packaging of exported saffron is of special importance. When reaching the customer, do not reduce the aroma and quality.

We export the best Iranian saffron with the most suitable packaging and the highest quality. You can visit our sales office in Dubai and see the quality of different types of saffron up close.

pure saffron

pure saffron

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, which has led to a lot of fraud in saffron.

Some saffron sellers add impurities to it or mix several types of low quality saffron together and then sell it. If you want to make sure that the saffron is genuine and the saffron is pure, you can buy saffron from the farmer.

Direct buy of saffron from farmers and producers; you will receive pure saffron with the highest quality. Our company is a producer of saffron and offers a variety of saffron to customers without direct intermediaries.

gathering saffron wholesale

Our company is one of the major sales centers of saffron in Iran. We have sales offices in Dubai and some other countries. Our company is a producer of saffron, so pure saffron reaches the consumer without direct intermediaries.

In order to supply saffron in bulk quantities, we buy saffron from the farmers of the region. After buying saffron, the saffron farmer analyzes them.

After confirming the purity of the saffron and its quality, we offer saffron packaged to our customers.

buying saffron

You can buy all kinds of first-class saffron from us in any country of our religion. Our company is one of the most reputable centers for selling saffron for export in Iran.

We have all the necessary licenses to export saffron. We analyze saffron according to international standards. Then the purity of saffron and its authenticity is confirmed. Therefore, we send saffron with the highest quality to most countries in the world.

Experience buying saffron from our company. Be sure that the quality of saffron is satisfactory.

Our company is one of the producers of saffron and the Saffron Wholesale.

saffron distributors

saffron wholesale iran saffron wholesale price in dubai

Saffron has a special taste, smell and color. For this reason, saffron is used in food, confectionery, pharmaceutical, industrial, cosmetic and health industries.

Distributors provide saffron to various industries for use in the preparation of perfumes and colognes, cosmetics and a variety of foods. There are various companies that buy saffron from manufacturers and distribute it among different factories and industries.

Iranian saffron price in Oman

Iranian saffron exports to Oman on a daily basis are significant. The proximity of Oman to Iran and the quality of Iranian saffron is one of the reasons for the high export of saffron.

Sargol saffron and Negin saffron are attractive to customers in terms of appearance and have a good market in Oman. The price of Iranian saffron in Oman varies depending on its quality. The price of Negin saffron is higher than the price of Sargol saffron.

saffron supplier

Our company can provide saffron buyers with all kinds of first-class saffron in the shortest possible time. We provide two ways to supply saffron.

First of all, we are the producers of saffron. So we have constant access to pure saffron. In order to supply saffron in larger quantities, we provide the required saffron from the farmers of the region.

We test the saffron we buy from local farmers in terms of quality and purity.

After confirming the test results, we will send pure and 100% natural saffron to other countries of the world.

Saffron Wholesale store

Saffron is a valuable and precious spice that use in various industries. Also the use of saffron in the preparation of a variety of foods, as well as the preparation of medicine and other industries is very high. You can buy saffron in grocery stores and herbal pharmacies.

The stores offer saffron in one gram weight, 2 grams and more in beautiful packages. You can buy the saffron you need from these stores for home use. But if you want to buy bulk saffron in kilograms, it is better to get it from the saffron manufacturer.

By buying saffron from the manufacturer, the quality of saffron and the originality of saffron are guaranteed. In addition, the price of saffron is much more suitable for you.

Saffron Wholesale online

saffron online saffron supplier

In buying saffron online, you are not limit to choosing a local store. You can buy the saffron from the farthest online store. Therefore you can buy saffron without spending time and travel expenses instead of parking a car, etc.

Then in the shortest time you can see the products, compare and decide to buy saffron.

saffron wholesale price in Dubai

Dubai is one of the major shopping centers for saffron, which imports several tons of saffron in bulk and packaged annually.

Negin saffron and Supergin saffron are very popular in this country. The price of these two types of saffron is higher than other types due to their high quality. It is saffron

If you want to buy saffron in bulk, the price of saffron in Dubai will be more reasonable. For bulk buy of saffron, you can visit our sales office in Dubai. See the quality of saffron up close.

saffron in Dubai mall

Our sales office in Dubai supplies all kinds of export saffron in bulk. One of the features of export saffron in our company is:

  • Saffron is colorful
  • Large and thick red saffron stigmas
  • Saffron strings are healthy and not broken
  • High aroma of saffron
  • High color power of saffron

By entering the saffron sales center in Dubai, you can see the quality of different types of saffron up close and then buy saffron.

saffron wholesale price Iran

saffron wholesale buyers

Before judging the price of saffron, you should consider its quality. Here are some important points about the price of saffron:

1- Depending on the type of saffron and its quality and grade, sometimes the prices are different

2- Fluctuations in currency and dollar prices affect the price of saffron

3- The type of saffron packaging has an effect on pricing

4- The prices of saffron supply companies are different from each other

5- Having health certificates is effective on the price of saffron

6- The purchase price of saffron affects its price. The price of one kilo of saffron is different from the price of 100 kilos of saffron.

saffron price in USA

Iranian saffron is always world famous. Non-Iranian applicants want Iranian saffron in Europe, Asia, America and the Middle East. Saffron imported to the United States is in small packages of 50 to 100 kg.

The price of saffron in the United States varies depending on its quality and packaging. Large chain stores such as Walmart have sold up to 90 million tomans per gram of saffron!

Our company is Saffron Wholesale Center and Exporter of Iranian saffron.

saffron wholesale buyers

Major buyers of saffron use saffron for various applications such as pharmacy and food preparation, etc. The largest major buyer of saffron in Iran is Spain. Because with strong branding, Spain has become the strongest supplier of packaged saffron.

UAE is the second major buyer of Iranian saffron. The UAE is one of the main sellers of Iranian saffron because it is the economic crossroads of the Middle East.

Germany is the third major buyer of Iranian saffron, which is active in the field of saffron packaging and uses saffron to produce various medicines.

saffron buyers in China

The tariff for saffron exports to China is over 30%. Saffron is a medicinal plant in China and saffron imports to China are subject to special regulations

In China, saffron has medicinal uses, so importing saffron to China has its limitations and controls. Saffron buyers in China use it to make medicine and use it in the food industry.

Our company is one of the producers of saffron and the Saffron Wholesale.

saffron buyers in Germany

Saffron export to Germany with high quality. One of the best buyers of Iranian saffron in Europe is Germany.

Buyers of saffron in Germany are looking for saffron quality. They buy Sargol export saffron and Negin export saffron. Our company is active in the field of wholesale saffron. We can export saffron packaged in bulk and in kilograms to Germany.

saffron tea price

saffron tea price

Saffron has a warm and dry nature and is good for health. The properties of saffron tea are:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidants
  • Strengthen the body’s metabolism
  • Regulate blood sugar
  • Anticancer
  • Anti-depressant

To make saffron tea, you need to pour some saffron into boiling water and wait for 10 minutes for it to brew.

Powder saffron use to make saffron tea because powder saffron creates color faster. The price of saffron tea is cheaper than the price of saffron.

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