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Selling the best pure and organic saffron in Europe

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Selling the best pure and organic saffron in Europe

largest importer of saffron

Official reports in 2016 show that 44% of all saffron exports this year have been exported from Iran to other parts of the country. Spain is the largest buyer of Iranian saffron. And then the biggest importers of saffron are France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Kong, China, Kuwait, Qatar, Japan and Bahrain.

wholesale saffron buyers

As we have mentioned, the statistics of 2016 show that Iran accounted for 44% of the share of exports this year. Spain accounts for 23% of global saffron imports in 2016. It is the largest major buyer of saffron. The United Arab Emirates and Italy are next with 7% of saffron imports.

saffron buyers in Italy

saffron buyers in Italy

In the north of Italy, advanced and modern economies are more active than in private companies. In the south of Italy, the economy revolves around agriculture. Among the EU countries, Italy is Iran’s first trading partner.
Italy is one of the major buyers of Iranian saffron. Food companies and factories are among the buyers of saffron in Italy.

saffron buyers in turkey

Consumption of saffron in Turkish, Turkish, Indian and Iranian restaurants in Turkey is high. Persian Gulf tourists in Turkey are among the major buyers of saffron in Turkey.

saffron buyers in India

India, including Mumbai, is one of the buyers of Iranian saffron. The reason why India buys saffron from Iran is that the production of saffron in India alone does not meet orders.
On the other hand, saffron production in Iran is more than the amount that is exported every year, so there is a surplus of saffron in Iran and a shortage of saffron in India.

sell saffron in China

Urumchi Shin Jian Henan, etc. are among the Chinese cities where saffron is grown.
Weak soil and saffron bulbs and cold weather in some areas have caused saffron production in some Chinese cities to be very low. Saffron is produced in China by local vendors and pharmaceutical companies. Online stores and small shops and herbal pharmacies in various parts of China are among the sellers of saffron in China.

saffron buyers in Dubai

saffron buyers in Dubai

Due to its location in the Persian Gulf and its proximity to Iran, Dubai has a special strategic position for the export of Iranian goods. Every year, a few tons of saffron enter Dubai from Iran in bulk and in packages. Usually, people who live in Dubai Saffron is purchased in packaged form. Saffron is purchased in packaged form. Food and spice shops are among the saffron centres in Dubai.

Iranian saffron

Iranian saffron is known as the best saffron in the world and has a unique quality in terms of aroma and colouring power. For this reason, it has many fans all over the world. Iranian saffron is exported to more than 64 countries. Iran is also the largest producer of saffron in the world.

Iran saffron company

Our company is one of the most reputable saffron companies in Iran, which has 30 years of experience in exporting saffron all over the world. All kinds of saffron in our company are available in bulk and kilogram quantities and are sent to customers all over the world in bulk and packaged form. If you want to buy Iranian saffron, you can contact us for more information on how to buy saffron and deliver it in your country.

saffron sale online

best saffron brand in the USA

Saffron online sales, like other online businesses in the world, have many fans today. Saving time and money is the most important advantage of buying saffron online. By selling saffron online, we have made it possible for customers anywhere in the world to use…

the real flavour of Iranian saffron and buy the saffron they need in the shortest time without travelling to Iran and paying travel expenses. To be sent to his country.

best saffron brand in the USA

Unfortunately, a significant portion of saffron onions is smuggled into Afghanistan from Iran every year, which is why saffron cultivation has increased in Afghanistan. Many countries buy Iranian saffron through Afghanistan due to sanctions, the exporter of saffron in Iran cannot export saffron to countries such as the United States, China and India. Therefore, saffron has to be sold to Afghan traders.

best saffron brand in Spain

Nearly 90% of the world’s saffron is produced in Iran, but unfortunately, Iranian saffron is known in the world by Spanish brands. Iranian saffron is imported in bulk or non-commercial packaging and retail expenses legally and illegally and luggage from Iran to countries such as Spain. On the Amazon site, each gram of Iranian saffron packaged by other countries is priced at around $ 30, while the global price of saffron does not match the price of saffron in Iran.

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