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saffron price per gramsaffron price per ouncesaffron price afghanistanOrganic saffron production
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What is the saffron price amazon today? Why the price of each kilogram of saffron in the market is different? What are the factors affecting the price of saffron in the new year?

saffron price per gram

saffron price per gram

In addition to distribution companies, the price of saffron is also announced by various brokers and individuals.
So pricing is different. Of course, the type and grade of saffron also affects the price of saffron.

Therefore, the most cost-effective way to buy saffron is to buy it from manufacturing companies.

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saffron price per ounce

In one of the largest online stores in the world, Amazon, there is a distribution of saffron and saffron products.

All over the world, you can buy saffron by visiting Amazon and other store sites such as ebay and marktplaats.

Note that Amazon saffron is from different countries. On the Amazon site, the seller may not be the saffron producer himself. 

That is why the saffron price amazon is different.

saffron price afghanistan

Organic saffron production

Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan. Herat is also one of the most populous cities and the center of saffron production.
But the price of saffron is different in Kabul and Herat.
Last year, Afghanistan became the third largest producer of saffron in the world after Iran and India.

Organic saffron production

Saffron flowers are harvested in Iran, in South Khorasan province, in November. Harvesting saffron involves picking flowers and separating stigmas from other flower components.

Because the life of saffron flowers is short, if it is not picked in time, the heat of the air and sunlight will cause the quality of saffron to disappear. For this reason, the people of South Khorasan Province pick flowers early in the morning and before dawn.

After harvesting, you should remove the red stigmas immediately. After separating the stigmas, the drying method has a significant effect on the quality of saffron.

Standard principles during the production process of saffron make:

  • Saffron stigmas are smooth and wrinkle-free
  • The appearance of saffron is very beautiful.
  • The flavor of saffron is also high.
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