iranian saffron exporters

iranian saffron exporters

iranian exports of saffron increase in 2018 or decrease? What is the cost of exporting saffron abroad?  Can people without licenses be allowed to export saffron?  Where’s the export center for saffron?

Export of saffron in 2018 due to market fluctuations the purchase and sale of saffron and the price changes of the dollar have been slipping.

Iran exported nearly $ 587 million worth of saffron annually, with nearly 50% being exported to Spain.

Hong Kong ranked second with imports of $ 96 million and half a million dollars in saffron And UAE is ranked third with $ 89.5 million.

The export volume in 2017 was about 416 tons.

Iran saffron is known for its high quality as the best saffron in the world.

Iranian saffron is now exported to 62 countries. The export of saffron is packed in all customs matters and delivered to the customs of the country of destination.

Saffron is sent from the Iranian customs office to the customs of the country of destination.

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