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What is negin saffron? What is the difference between Saffron and Negin Export with other saffron?   What is the price of first grade negin saffron?

In this article we want to know about saffron negin And why expensive is the best kind of saffron, talk.

After harvesting the saffron flower from the fields, it purports to separate the purple petals of the saffron from other parts of the flower.

When saffron is separated from flower and dry it is determined by the type of saffron.

That is, depending on the health of the sponges and the amount of white or cream attached to the stigma, it is determined which category is to be found in the saffron.

If, when separating the saffron from other parts of the flower, the sprues are separated so that no part of the saffron white is attached to it;
Saffron negin  is obtained.

Saffron Negin refers to the healthy, non-fractured, hand-cut saffron.

iranian saffron price per gram in iran

The beauty of the saffron stigmas is the nugget and the bulk of it has caused a lot of fans.

On the one hand, the high quality of saffron Negin and saffron Sargol, on the one hand, and the limited volume of saffron negin production on the other hand, caused the price of saffron negin to be higher than saffron sargol price.

The price of negin saffron is higher because it has been used to export saffron to countries such as Europe, which seem to be of special importance to saffron.

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