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best saffron in iranwhere to buy iranian saffronsaffron import companies in china
buy saffron iranian

How to buy saffron iranian online? What is the price of bulk and packaged saffron? What are the characteristics of export saffron?

best saffron in iran

best saffron in iran

Iran has the maximum capacity to export saffron to European countries.

The quality of export saffron is the best saffron.

Iran is the largest producer of saffron in the world. Unfortunately, the saffron market is in the hands of Spain. Iranian bulk saffron is imported to other countries. Then they export Iranian saffron with their own name and packaging.

The color, taste and smell of export saffron should be high.
Recently, countries such as Afghanistan and China are working hard on plans to expand saffron imports from Iran. These countries should export Iranian saffron to compete with their methods.

where to buy iranian saffron

Buying saffron from a farmer is the safest way to buy bulk and packaged saffron. Because possible intermediaries and frauds are minimized.

In our company, from producing and planting saffron to selling saffron in bulk and exporting saffron, we do it ourselves.

Therefor if you are looking for quality saffron and quality guarantee of saffron at a reasonable price, contact us.

saffron import companies in china

saffron import companies in china

China has a large volume of trade. It is difficult to import saffron to China. Very strict rules for Iran’s imports and sanctions; Makes it difficult to import saffron to China.

China has free trade agreements with various countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Korea and Switzerland.
For this reason, China uses saffron in addition to domestic consumption in industry for export.

Our company is a producer and exporter of Iranian saffron. We export all kinds of saffron to other countries. Therefor you can contact us to buy saffron iranian online.

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