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What is the price of one gram of Iranian saffron?
How much is the price 1 gram of sargol saffron at a price per gram of negin saffron?

1g saffron price

The price of one gram of sargol saffron is $ 2. Of course, this is the price of saffron today.
To find out the price of saffron, you can visit the Saffron Momtaz ghaenat website.

The price per gram of sargol saffron may vary depending on the package.

Different types of saffron packaging include envelopes, Azin, khatam, atlasi.

You can see the price of packaged sargol saffron packaged in different types of saffron packaging on Saffron Momtaz ghaenat Company website.

What kind of saffron is Saffron Sargol?

1 gram iranian saffron price 2018 in usa
How to make saffron sargol?

Another name is sargol Saffron; momtaz saffron.

What saffron is in the minds of most people, Saffron is sargol.

Saffron Sargol, as its name suggests (meaning “cut”), is obtained by cutting the saffron’s whipped white part.

After drying the saffron bunch,   Separate the stem or white part from the red part.  Finally, all the red saffron is obtained,  They say saffron is a saffron momtaz.

Depending on the method of work and the precision of the work, the saffron, which is obtained, has different qualities.

Saffron Momtaz ghaenat Co. is a supplier of saffron sargol to the whole world.
This store has a history of saffron production for several years.

The long history, the use of trained and experienced people has made the best-selling saffron Sargol in this store.

saffron price 2019

Most exporters of saffron are looking for price of saffron per year 2019
Forecasting the price of saffron in year 2019 depends on several factors:

Exchange rate hikes, dollar price fluctuations, inter-country relations and the amount of saffron exports are among the factors influencing saffron prices.

It is expected that with the increase in rainfall last year with the increase in the supply of saffron to the market if other factors of the price of saffron remain stable.

saffron wholesale price in Africa

saffron wholesale price saffron wholesale suppliers in usa wholesale saffron buyers

I mean the major purchase of saffron , Buy saffron in kilos and more.

You can buy saffron in bulk or in packages.

Bulk saffron prices due to delete packaging costs, It’s cheaper than the price of packaged saffron.

When buying bulk saffron from wholesalers,the main concern of saffron buyers is the quality of the saffron and its authenticity.

By buying saffron from reputable saffron sales centers And also buying saffron from the farmer, these concerns can be partially resolved.

Purchase of saffron from the farmer due to the elimination of the buying and selling of saffron also guarantees the principle of saffron ang It also prevents the false increase in the price of saffron.

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  1. I used Iranian saffron many years ago … which one of my friends brought from Iran. It was absolutely amazing and none of the other things I have tried over the years could come close. This brand of Ghaenat saffron is not only good but also excellent and I recommend this product.

  2. This is the best saffron I have ever bought. In fact, Iranian saffron is the best because of its flavor and ability to color immediately. If you consume 3 to 5 strands with lukewarm water / milk, it acts as an immune system booster, as it has several medicinal properties. You can also use it in the preparation of good, soy, biryani, etc. It is very useful for pregnant mothers. No, I prepared it and 2-3 strings were enough to give it a great color. Thanks to Ghaenat site for such a high quality product.

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