iranian sargol saffron price

iranian sargol saffron price

What kind of saffron are saffron of Sargol Iran?
Where is the prestigious shop for buying sargol saffron sahelp?

Sargol saffron prices are cheaper than the price of Saffron Negin.

In Saffron sargol, the root of the saffron or the white is completely removed, and the red colored tulips are separated from each other, saffron.

In some cases, saffron  pushal It is also called sargol, which in this case has two types:  sargol Negin And sargol momtaz  Is divided.

Saffron Sargol Negin, all red and white and Saffron Sargol Momtaz, also contains a portion of saffron cream.

Crocin Sargol saffron is about 210 to 240 units. sargol saffron is more common than saffron. The process of saffron production is long and costly and is carried out by manpower.

The method of separating sprouts, drying saffron and packaging of saffron is effective on the final quality of the produced saffron.

The skill in separating the spikes, the temperature and the proper place to dry the saffron, using the appropriate packaging of saffron, affect the color, smell and the quality of the saffron  and Finally, it determines that saffron is produced, saffron has a smell, with a lot of smell, and has no healthy spines.

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iranian saffron price per kilo

iranian saffron price per kilo

What is the price per kilogram of Iran’s export saffron now?
Looking for the best Iranian export saffron at the most affordable price?
Do you plan to buy Iranian export of saffron in bulk and in kilo?

The price per kilogram of sargol saffron in Iran is $ 850 and the price per kilogram of negin saffron in Iran is $ 1210 .

Many saffron buyers ask when they buy saffron which saffron is better?
Perhaps, after doubting the price of saffron between the choice of saffron, you may doubt it.

In response, we must say that if you plan to export saffron, you should buy the highest quality saffron.

As you know, saffron of Iran is divided into different types of negin, sargol, pushal and bunch.

Each type of saffron is categorized in terms of quality to export grade, grade one, two and three.

When you buy Iranian export saffron, at the request of your customer abroad, you can buy saffron.

For example, in the Arab countries, saffron shoals have more fans. In European countries, Saffron Sargol and Negin Export is very popular.

You can buy saffron Sargol, negin, pushal and banch wheat with the highest quality possible from Saffron Momtaz Ghaenat Company.

At your request, saffron can be made in bulk or packaged in desired weights.

The quality of saffron is guaranteed and the product analysis page confirms it.
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iranian saffron price in turkey

iranian saffron price in turkey

What is the price of Iranian saffron in Turkey?  What is the cost of exporting saffron to Turkey? Where is the export center for saffron?

Turkey is one of the countries that imports Iranian saffron.  The price of saffron in Turkey is much higher than in Iran.  Because the price of saffron is variable
And the market for saffron buying and selling has a lot of price fluctuations,  The price of saffron can not be accurately determined.

Depending on the type of export saffron and the agreement between the buyer of saffron and the seller, the price of saffron can be set in Turkey.

The United Arab Emirates and Spain are among the major countries where Iranian saffron is shipped.

Iran saffron because of its high quality  There are many fans in other countries. In these countries saffron is widely used in various industries.

Saffron is a rich source of manganese, iron, potassium, vitamin b6, and so on
The carotenoids in saffron have proven the antioxidant properties of saffron.
Causing saffron to be known as an anticancer drug.

The use of saffron in the food, pharmaceutical, and health industries in other countries represents the value of this plant.

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saffron iranian restaurant

saffron iranian restaurant

What saffron is the best Iranian saffron for a restaurant?   What is the price of Iranian saffron for restaurants?   Where is the Iranian Saffron Sales Center for restaurants and hotels?

The price per gram of Sargol saffron for restaurants is $ 2 and the price per gram of Negin sauce for restaurants is $ 4 and the price of one gram of pushal saffron is $ 1.5.

Saffron is a precious spice Due to its numerous compounds, as well as its unique odor and taste, it is used extensively in various industries, such as the food industry.

Saffron is used for flavor and aroma of various types of corn, soups, and so on. The beautiful color of saffron is used to decorate the food, to prepare a variety of chicken and barbecue to adorn the Iranian tablecloths.

You can use a variety of saffron Negin, Sargol, Pushal and Banch for your restaurant.

Maybe ask what is the best saffron for restaurants?

In terms of color strength, saffron negin has the highest coloring power.
Because saffron is a negin , saffron is a large pen and its production is special and time-consuming; the price of saffron negin is higher than other types of saffron  So it’s not economical to use the restaurant.

Saffron is a bunch because it has a lot of white Unlike other types of saffron, it does not have much color.
You can use saffron Sargol and Pushal for your restaurant and hotel.

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buy saffron iranian

buy saffron iranian

How much saffron can Iran be exported? Which country is saffron export to Iran? What features should be exported to saffron?

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the amount of saffron production has grown significantly over the last few years,  And Iran has been able to use its maximum capacity to export saffron to European countries.

The situation in the packaging industry in Iran is growing day by day  But it still has a lot to pack with European countries.

The quality of saffron used to export is the best of saffron.

Considering that Iran is the largest saffron producer in the world, But unfortunately, the pulse of the market is located in Spain and imported Iranian quality bulk saffron And they export saffron to their countries with their name and packing.

The color, taste and smell of saffron exported should be high   And every manufacturer has special attention to the issue that dried saffron, and is quick to enter the market, with the exception of traditional methods.

Recently, countries such as Afghanistan and China have been working hard on their programs Extend Iran from Iran and export Iranian saffron to compete with its own methods.

One of the problems that has encountered difficulties in exporting Iranian saffron exports The cost of transporting and packing per kilogram of saffron is export,  That’s estimated at about 1,500,000 tomans, While in a country like Spain, it is about 30,000 tomans aviation.

iranian saffron price in dubai

iranian saffron price in dubai

What is the price of Iranian saffron in Dubai?   How much is the export of saffron to the UAE? How to get instant quote from saffron in Dubai?
What is the best saffron for export to Dubai? Where can I buy top-class saffron at an appropriate export price?

Saffron supply and demand in saffron, as well as the quality of saffron, determines the price of saffron in global markets.

where to buy saffron powder

where to buy saffron powder

What do you know about saffron powder?  How is saffron powder produced? What do you need to pay attention to when buying saffron powder? What is the price of saffron powder? Where can I purchase high quality saffron powder?

If you plan to buy saffron powder, pay attention to a few points before buying saffron.

Because saffron filaments are powdered in safflower powder After saffron courses, you will not be able to identify the quality of saffron.

For example, when you plan to buy saffron sargol, The coarse and healthy nature of the red string and the amount of cream with the stigma will somewhat determine the quality of the sargol saffron.

In this regard, the purchase of saffron powder is of prime importance.

Saffron powder is made from saffron and 100% pure saffron in Momtaz Ghaenat Saffron Co.
According to customer’s request, saffron pushal, sargol and negin of sarayan area are minced and presented as saffron powder.

Because there is no impurity and cream of saffron in a variety of saffron powder, the coloring power of saffron powder is very high.

So that by dissolving a very small amount of saffron powder in water, a red color will be produced.  The smell and taste of saffron powder is exactly the same as saffron.
Application of saffron powder to cater for all kinds of food, desserts and drinks in hotels, restaurants, confectionery and more.

The price of saffron powder is much cheaper than saffron prices.

As stated, the coarse and healthy nature of the saffron rolls determines the quality of saffron And no matter how much saffron the pen is; The price will be higher.

Since the powdered saffron does not have this feature, the price of saffron powder is very cheap and suitable.

By purchasing saffron powder you can save on your expenses and pay at a lower cost (compared to buying saffron sargol, negin and …)  Take advantage of the taste and smell of saffron.

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iranian saffron buy online

iranian saffron buy online

Is there a valid center for online saffron shopping? How can Saffron be authenticated when buying saffron online? What are the benefits of buying saffron online? How can I get informed about the instant price of saffron?

By purchasing saffron online, you can get instant quote from Saffron  And get access to a vast array of information on different types of saffron, types of saffron, and more.

Increasing workload and lack of time in today’s world has caused most people to use facilities to do their jobs  Without spending too much, without traveling and traffic problems, and meeting their needs in the shortest possible time.

Internet shopping and sales have made it possible.
In this regard, it is suggested that if you also want to buy saffron, you can take advantage of saffron online shopping.

Buying saffron online allows you to know about saffron prices from Iran and at home with just one click.

Saffron Momtaz ghaenat Online is one of the most reputable saffron sales centers in the world.
By logging in to the store site, you can find out the price of different types of saffron negin, sargol and pushali.

In addition, if you do not know much about the difference between the types of saffron, you can learn about the types of saffron by reading the materials provided on the site.

Buy Saffron online through Saffron Momtaz ghaenat website has no limit, that is, you can buy saffron in both small and gram as well as in bulk and kg.

Depending on your request, the saffron you want will be shipped in bulk saffron and saffron packed in the desired container to your city of residence.
The guide to buying online saffron is provided on.

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iranian saffron price per gram

iranian saffron price per gram

Which website is more reliable for Iranian saffron? What is the profit of one gram of saffron if you buy? Where can I buy  gram Iranian quality saffron?

The cultivation of saffron has increased in recent years and in many parts of the country there are many areas under cultivation of saffron.

Due to low water requirement, saffron can be considered as a strategic product in areas where there is a depression crisis.

Saffron harvest season is November. Iranian saffron is produced in November and is sold and sold throughout the year. Because of its production once a year, as well as demand fluctuations throughout the year, saffron prices fluctuate greatly.

Persian saffron is ranked according to the criteria that can be mentioned:

The coarseness of the strands, the strength of pigmentation, the degree of fineness and fracture of the sponges within the product of each of these factors will affect the ranking of saffron and will change its price.

Saffron Momtaz ghaenat Company offers all types of saffron in bulk and packaging in the market.  Saffron that is bulked from saffron in the sarayan area.

After packing the grade one, depending on the quality of the item, and the fine brush is sent to customers at reasonable prices.

Stay tuned for a variety of saffron and packaging options to get the gram and kilo price.

negin saffron

negin saffron

What is negin saffron? What is the difference between Saffron and Negin Export with other saffron?   What is the price of first grade negin saffron?

In this article we want to know about saffron negin And why expensive is the best kind of saffron, talk.

After harvesting the saffron flower from the fields, it purports to separate the purple petals of the saffron from other parts of the flower.

When saffron is separated from flower and dry it is determined by the type of saffron.

That is, depending on the health of the sponges and the amount of white or cream attached to the stigma, it is determined which category is to be found in the saffron.

If, when separating the saffron from other parts of the flower, the sprues are separated so that no part of the saffron white is attached to it;
Saffron negin  is obtained.

Saffron Negin refers to the healthy, non-fractured, hand-cut saffron.

The beauty of the saffron stigmas is the nugget and the bulk of it has caused a lot of fans.

On the one hand, the high quality of Saigon Negin and saffron Sargol, on the one hand, and the limited volume of saffron negin production on the other hand, caused the price of saffron negin to be higher than saffron sargol price.

The price of negin saffron is higher because it has been used to export saffron to countries such as Europe, which seem to be of special importance to saffron.

You can contact us for the purchase of a negin saffron and the price of saffron negin.