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Do you intend to buy and export saffron in Iran? Do you want to buy Iranian saffron at an affordable price and then export saffron?    Do you want to get the most profits from export of saffron to overseas? How much is the export price of saffron?

If you intend to buy and export Iranian saffron and want more profits from Iran’s saffron exports, try our offer once.

It has happened many times that you have been shopping for saffron And there are differences in the price of saffron You have seen saffron vendors online and online.

In explaining this, saffron is a diversified product  Because in addition to having different types (saffron negin, saffron sargol, saffron pushal …) In a variety of qualities as well   (Such as a sargol momtaz, sargol export, sargol grade 1 and …)Supplied.

So, depending on the type of saffron and its quality, saffron prices will vary.  Identifying the types of saffron and its qualitative qualities is a bit difficult for those who do not have the expertise and experience in the field of saffron.

Accordingly, comparing and judging the actual price of a product requires an assessment of all the factors affecting it.

f you intend to buy and export Iranian saffron You should know that you need to buy high quality saffron for export.

Perhaps the most important criterion for saffron exports to European countries is saffron coloring.

Along with the high coloring power, the apparent characteristics of saffron are also important for many saffron buyers abroad.

Saffron Momtaz ghaenat Co. is proud to offer saffron the original without customers to overseas customers.
The quality of all types of saffron put up in Saffron Momtaz ghaenat is very high and is suitable for export.

You can contact us to buy saffron:
Mr ghorbani
mobile saffron ghaenat Mobile Number: 0989388171244
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WhatsApp Number saffron ghaenat WhatsApp Number: 0989388171244
WhatsApp Number saffron ghaenat WhatsApp Number: 0989159641840

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