saffron import price to different countries

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saffron import companiessaffron import duty in Indiaimport saffron from Spainsaffron price by weighthow to import saffron from Iran to UK
saffron import price to different countries

Do you know saffron import price to different countries? How much is saffron price per Kg? What is the largest producer of saffron? What are the largest importers of saffron?

saffron import companies

saffron import companies

Iran supplies more than 95% of the world’s saffron and is the world’s largest saffron exporter. Saffron companies in Iran are divided into several categories.

  • Saffron packaging companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Saffron export companies

Our company is a specialized company for the production, sale and export of saffron, which is known as one of the best saffron companies in Iran.

We are also a producer of saffron and we export high quality saffron in bulk and kilograms.

We test different types of saffron according to all international standards. Therefore, the quality and originality of saffron has been confirmed in the laboratory.

saffron import duty in India

India prevents the import of Iranian saffron to their country and the export of saffron to India has high tariffs.

Iranian saffron is exported with low customs tariffs to European countries such as Spain, which are one of the largest exporters in the world. But saffron is exported to India with a tariff of nearly 30%.

Each product, depending on its type and volume, must have a special packaging.
It is also important how you export goods to India. Contact us for information on the saffron import price and buy of export saffron.

import saffron from Spain

import saffron from Spain

The amount of cultivated area and the amount of saffron production in the world:
Iran is in the first place with about 94% of the world’s saffron cultivation and with a weight of about 450 tons.

Spain is in sixth place with 0.6 percent and nearly 3 tons of saffron cultivation.

About 50% of saffron exports belong to Iran and about 30% to Spain. A large part of Iran’s exports is bulk sales, while a large part of Spain’s exports is retail.

Spain ranks first in saffron imports with 30% of world imports. Other countries, such as Italy and the UAE, are far behind.

If you want to buy bulk saffron and import saffron to the Spain, you can contact us.

saffron price by weight

saffron price by weight

The price of saffron is highly variable and depends on the type of saffron, packaging, brand, transportation and other issues.

Currently, in online markets such as Amazon, the price of saffron varies between $ 4 and $ 60 per gram, depending on the type of saffron.

Most countries buy Iranian quality saffron in bulk by brokers at low prices. Then by branding and processing saffron to other products; Value added about 10 or 20 times the price they spent to buy saffron; Benefit.

If you want to buy bulk saffron and know saffron import price, you can contact our experts.

how to import saffron from Iran to UK

By buying bulk saffron from Iran, the United Kingdom has been able to obtain a good share of the major importer of Iranian saffron. We export saffron to the UK and throughout Europe.
After receiving the saffron and the necessary international certificates from us, you can sell saffron under your brand name in the United Kingdom.
If you want to buy bulk saffron and import saffron to the UK, you can contact our experts.

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