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Ghaenat Saffron Company is engaged in the production, sale and export of Iranian saffron.

Since the market for buying and selling saffron in Iran has become very wide, our company has tried to send original and high quality saffron in bulk and in kilograms without intermediaries to all parts of Iran and the world.

Buyers buy saffron in kilograms. All international standards and certificates related to saffron are presented.

Supplying saffron for export and export of saffron to most countries is done in our company.

Provide the best services

Guaranteeing the authenticity of saffron: Buy saffron directly from the producer
Best price guarantee: eliminating the intermediaries of buying and selling saffron and buying saffron from the farmer has made it possible for us to deliver saffron to the consumer at the most appropriate price.
Fast delivery: preparing customer orders in the shortest possible time and sending saffron to most countries in the world
Online support: Since customer trust is the most valuable asset of Ghaenat Saffron Company, online response to customers is provided 24 hours a day.
Saffron quality assurance: Strict control and monitoring measures are taken on the production process until the supply of saffron to maintain the quality of products in all stages.

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