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saffron iranian export price

What is the export price of Iranian saffron?   What are the characteristics of Iranian saffron exports that has led to many fans around the world?
How much is the export price of saffron?   Where can I buy the first class export saffron at reasonable prices?

Iran saffron is exported to 54 countries due to its high quality. Iran’s export saffron, with its distinctive features and superiority to saffron in other parts of the world, has ranked first in exports.

To know about the price of export saffron, it is better to look at several points, including what saffron is called saffron?

How are export saffron produced? What are the characteristics of saffron bought for export abroad?

In the explanation, saffron flowers are separated from other parts of the flower after being planted from the fields.

In a whiskey method, with all the cream (white), which is located amongst the stems of the flower, it is isolated and regularly arranged and dried, which is called saffron.

In the second method, the spermatozoa are separated with a very small amount of white creamy saffron (one to three millimeters), which is called saffron spatula.

In the third method, the saffron straw is removed from the flower without any cream, and they are dried to say they are saffron.

As a result, Iranian saffron is classified according to the whiteness of the product to the types of jeweled, scarlet, ornament and bunch.

saffron price in iran high quality saffron

The lower the amount of white and creamy saffron, the higher the saffron coloring power and the higher the price of saffron. Saffron purchased for export abroad must be of the highest quality in appearance and in terms of chemical properties.

Saffron Momtaz ghaenat Co. is a supplier and supplier of first class export saffron.
The apparent characteristics of the types of export saffron in our store are:

Types of saffron are exporters and export saucers are completely red and without any white.
The stitches are evenly thick and coarse.
The fields of saffron are healthy and are not in the product of crushed and broken strands.

Therefore, the export saffron in the Saffron Momtaz ghaenat company looks beautiful and eye-catching.

From the point of view of quality, because all products are made from saffron, the principle of the catenates, and has no impurities and is 100% original; It has the highest level of color and perfume and odor.

The price of export saffron in Saffron Momtaz ghaenat Co. is very cheap and affordable because we are saffron growers and there is no other intermediary between you and the buyer and saffron.

The price of saffron export is based on saffron type on the site.  The full price of the exported saffron on the site is up to date.

You can contact us to buy and sell saffron:
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whatsapp number saffron iranian Number whatsapp: +989388171244

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