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iranian sargol saffron price

What kind of saffron are saffron of Sargol Iran?
Where is the prestigious shop for buying sargol saffron sahelp?

Sargol saffron prices are cheaper than the price of Saffron Negin.

In Saffron sargol, the root of the saffron or the white is completely removed, and the red colored tulips are separated from each other, saffron.

In some cases, saffron  pushal It is also called sargol, which in this case has two types:  sargol Negin And sargol momtaz  Is divided.

Saffron Sargol Negin, all red and white and Saffron Sargol Momtaz, also contains a portion of saffron cream.

Crocin Sargol saffron is about 210 to 240 units. sargol saffron is more common than saffron. The process of saffron production is long and costly and is carried out by manpower.

The method of separating sprouts, drying saffron and packaging of saffron is effective on the final quality of the produced saffron.

The skill in separating the spikes, the temperature and the proper place to dry the saffron, using the appropriate packaging of saffron, affect the color, smell and the quality of the saffron  and Finally, it determines that saffron is produced, saffron has a smell, with a lot of smell, and has no healthy spines.

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