Export of Iranian saffron to Turkey


How much is the export price of saffron to Turkey?  What should I do to export saffron to Turkey? Where can I buy different grades of saffron grades in major quantities? How much is the export of saffron to Turkey?

If you want to know about the rules for exporting saffron to Turkey, follow the text.

Major production of saffron belongs to the provinces of Khorasan Razavi and South Khorasan.  80 percent of the country’s saffron is exported. UAE, Spain, China and Turkey are the main buyers of Iranian saffron.

The existence of fluctuations in exchange rates and changes in the price of saffron days have caused Iranian businessmen not to be able to play for sale.

Countries like Turkey buy saffron in bulk and at a low price and enter their country, and then sell them at a very high price by packing their saffron in their own country.

By sawing Iranian saffron and packaging saffron, it is possible to prevent the fraud and sale of unprofitable saffron by the name of Iran.

Also, saffron growers can buy saffron and support domestic production, which can help boost the export of saffron.

Selling and selling saffron in packaging also preserves the quality of saffron.

Saffron Momtaz ghaenat Co. is a supplier of all kinds of export grade saffron in packaged form.
If you want to export saffron to other countries, you can buy any kind of saffron you want (Negin, Sargol, pushal) at any amount you want in our new and varied packages from our store.

Saffron Momtaz ghaenat Co. is prepared to provide saffron saffron for most buyers of all kinds without any restrictions.

All types of saffron made from saffron is the principle of Qa’nat excellent quality and 100% pure.

On the other hand, because Saffron ghaenat Company is located in the center of Saffron Quality in the country, namely, the ghaenat area of ​​South Khorasan, it is easy to access high quality saffron saffron.

Our store directly purchases saffron from farmers in the area and delivers it to customers, so the quality of saffron is very high and on the other hand, it is offered at saffron buyers with a real and very reasonable price.

For more information on export of saffron to Turkey, export rules for saffron, export profits of saffron, export of saffron, and more, you can refer to Saffron Momtaz ghaenat Co. website.

saffron iranian export price


What is the export price of Iranian saffron?   What are the characteristics of Iranian saffron exports that has led to many fans around the world?
How much is the export price of saffron?   Where can I buy the first class export saffron at reasonable prices?

Iran saffron is exported to 54 countries due to its high quality. Iran’s export saffron, with its distinctive features and superiority to saffron in other parts of the world, has ranked first in exports.

To know about the price of export saffron, it is better to look at several points, including what saffron is called saffron?

How are export saffron produced? What are the characteristics of saffron bought for export abroad?

In the explanation, saffron flowers are separated from other parts of the flower after being planted from the fields.

In a whiskey method, with all the cream (white), which is located amongst the stems of the flower, it is isolated and regularly arranged and dried, which is called saffron.

In the second method, the spermatozoa are separated with a very small amount of white creamy saffron (one to three millimeters), which is called saffron spatula.

In the third method, the saffron straw is removed from the flower without any cream, and they are dried to say they are saffron.

As a result, Iranian saffron is classified according to the whiteness of the product to the types of jeweled, scarlet, ornament and bunch.

The lower the amount of white and creamy saffron, the higher the saffron coloring power and the higher the price of saffron. Saffron purchased for export abroad must be of the highest quality in appearance and in terms of chemical properties.

Saffron Momtaz ghaenat Co. is a supplier and supplier of first class export saffron.
The apparent characteristics of the types of export saffron in our store are:

Types of saffron are exporters and export saucers are completely red and without any white.
The stitches are evenly thick and coarse.
The fields of saffron are healthy and are not in the product of crushed and broken strands.

Therefore, the export saffron in the Saffron Momtaz ghaenat company looks beautiful and eye-catching.

From the point of view of quality, because all products are made from saffron, the principle of the catenates, and has no impurities and is 100% original; It has the highest level of color and perfume and odor.

The price of export saffron in Saffron Momtaz ghaenat Co. is very cheap and affordable because we are saffron growers and there is no other intermediary between you and the buyer and saffron.

The price of saffron export is based on saffron type on the site.  The full price of the exported saffron on the site is up to date.

sargol saffron in dubai


What is the price of Sargol saffron in Dubai? How much is the profit of saffron exports to the UAE? How to get instant quote from saffron in Dubai?
What is the best saffron for export to Dubai?  How much is the sale price of Sauron Sargol and Negin?

The amount of saffron supply and demand in saffron, as well as the quality of saffron, determines the price of saffron in global markets.

The United Arab Emirates has been the first and the largest importer of saffron by purchasing more than 22 tons of saffron from Iran in 2018, which has earned $ 33 million to the country.

The price of saffron has a lot of fluctuations and is not constant, but you can get acquainted with the instant price of saffron by entering the Momtaz ghaenat Saffron Shop website.

If you are a major buyer of saffron and intend to export saffron to Dubai, you can buy saffron from the manufacturer by buying saffron at a very cheap price.

Buy saffron from the manufacturer or the main centers of saffron distribution has several advantages:
Firstly, by purchasing saffron from its main production center, you are sure that there is no intermediary between you and the producer, so you will receive saffron with the same initial quality of production.

The more intermediaries between saffron producers and consumers of saffron, the more during these stages, due to more transportation and transportation, and the conditions of storage and inappropriate storage of saffron quality will fall.

Another advantage is the purchase of saffron from the saffron producer; saving costs and making more profit.

Motaz ghaenat saffron is one of the saffron producers who has been in the field of planting and growing saffron for several years.
The experience of many years and gaining knowledge and skills in the field of saffron made us bring saffron to our region to provide all the people with the unique benefits of saffron ghaenat.

Characteristics of saffron exported in Momtaz Qaenat Saffron Store:

  • Easy access to a wide range of the country’s finest saffron.
  • High quality bulk and packaged saffron types.
  • Having all the standards and criteria for exporting saffron.
  • Diligent export saffron.
  • Very good price for saffron.

These factors have made it possible for saffron exporters to be satisfied.

Therefore, the main buyers of saffron and those who intend to export saffron to overseas, such as Dubai, will provide saffron to our store.



saffron price for 1 kg

saffron price for 1 kg

How much does one kilo of grade 1 export saffron cost?   What is the cost of packaging a kilogram of grade 1 export saffron? What is the price per gram of packaged export saffron?

The price of one kilo of grade 1 export saffron, if bulk, is different from the price of one kilo of saffron packed.

To calculate the price of one kilo of export saffron, you must first specify the type of saffron and its quality grade.
Each type of saffron is priced differently from other types.

The best types of export saffron are Saffron Negin and Sargol Exports.
No matter how much saffron has a higher color strength and more favorable appearance, High quality and naturally will have higher prices.

In addition to the export price of saffron, the export costs of saffron should also be calculated.

Exporting saffron requires obtaining health, standard and … licenses.

In addition to licensing fees; customs clearance and saffron shipping, there is also the cost of clearance for saffron in the destination country.

Therefore, the price per kilo of grade 1 export of saffron, including all costs, depends on different factors depending on the destination country.

Because each country has different customs clearance and clearance rates and taxes.

You can contact us to buy and export all kinds of export grade saffron.

We answer your questions regarding export of saffron.

saffron price for 1 gram

What is the price of one gram of Iranian saffron?
How much is the price of one gram of sargol saffron at a price per gram of negin saffron?

The price of one gram of sargol saffron is $ 2. Of course, this is the price of saffron today.
To find out the price of saffron, you can visit the Saffron Momtaz ghaenat website.

The price per gram of sargol saffron may vary depending on the package.

Different types of saffron packaging include envelopes, Azin, khatam, atlasi.

You can see the price of packaged sargol saffron packaged in different types of saffron packaging on Saffron Momtaz ghaenat Company website.

What kind of saffron is Saffron Sargol?
How to make saffron sargol?

Another name is sargol Saffron; momtaz saffron.

What saffron is in the minds of most people, Saffron is sorghum.

Saffron Sargol, as its name suggests (meaning “cut”), is obtained by cutting the saffron’s whipped white part.

After drying the saffron bunch,   Separate the stem or white part from the red part.  Finally, all the red saffron is obtained,  They say saffron is a saffron momtaz.

Depending on the method of work and the precision of the work, the saffron, which is obtained, has different qualities.

Saffron Momtaz Qaanat Co. is a supplier of saffron sargol to the whole world.
This store has a history of saffron production for several years.

The long history, the use of trained and experienced people has made the best-selling saffron Sargol in this store.


saffron wholesale price in iran

saffron wholesale price in iran

Why Buying Different Types of Saffron wholesale in iran is Most Recommended? What centers can be used to buy saffron wholesale in Iran safely? What is the main advantage of Iranian saffron wholesale buying and selling?  Are you busy selling saffron in Iran and looking for more profits?

One of the ways to make more profit in saffron is the purchase of saffron pushal, sargol and negin from farmers in the region at a very reasonable price.

Saffron in the Khorasan region is doing their best because of the day-to-day struggle for cultivating and harvesting their valuable crops.
Do not damage the purity and health of the harvested saffron from your farm.

Each country’s economy is based on the country’s exports.
As you can see, Iran’s largest export of oil is an end to a source.
Therefore, in recent years, many efforts have been made to increase the non-oil economy.
The most important non-oil exports are currently the first-rate export of saffron, which has led to a lot of studies to increase the quality and yield of saffron.

One study studies the effect of planting time on plant soil characteristics on germination and growth of plants planted in rotation with this product.

Therefore, by purchasing a high quality saffron from Motaz Qa’anat saffron, get the best of the original saffron purchased directly from the farmers without any impurities, high quality and reasonable prices.

buy and saffron iran export

buy and saffron iran export

Do you intend to buy and export saffron in Iran? Do you want to buy Iranian saffron at an affordable price and then export saffron?    Do you want to get the most profits from export of saffron to overseas? How much is the export price of saffron?

If you intend to buy and export Iranian saffron and want more profits from Iran’s saffron exports, try our offer once.

It has happened many times that you have been shopping for saffron And there are differences in the price of saffron You have seen saffron vendors online and online.

In explaining this, saffron is a diversified product  Because in addition to having different types (saffron negin, saffron sargol, saffron pushal …) In a variety of qualities as well   (Such as a sargol momtaz, sargol export, sargol grade 1 and …)Supplied.

So, depending on the type of saffron and its quality, saffron prices will vary.  Identifying the types of saffron and its qualitative qualities is a bit difficult for those who do not have the expertise and experience in the field of saffron.

Accordingly, comparing and judging the actual price of a product requires an assessment of all the factors affecting it.

f you intend to buy and export Iranian saffron You should know that you need to buy high quality saffron for export.

Perhaps the most important criterion for saffron exports to European countries is saffron coloring.

Along with the high coloring power, the apparent characteristics of saffron are also important for many saffron buyers abroad.

Saffron Momtaz ghaenat Co. is proud to offer saffron the original without customers to overseas customers.
The quality of all types of saffron put up in Saffron Momtaz ghaenat is very high and is suitable for export.

iranian saffron exporters

iranian saffron exporters

iranian exports of saffron increase in 2018 or decrease? What is the cost of exporting saffron abroad?  Can people without licenses be allowed to export saffron?  Where’s the export center for saffron?

Export of saffron in 2018 due to market fluctuations the purchase and sale of saffron and the price changes of the dollar have been slipping.

Iran exported nearly $ 587 million worth of saffron annually, with nearly 50% being exported to Spain.

Hong Kong ranked second with imports of $ 96 million and half a million dollars in saffron And UAE is ranked third with $ 89.5 million.

The export volume in 2017 was about 416 tons.

Iran saffron is known for its high quality as the best saffron in the world.

Iranian saffron is now exported to 62 countries. The export of saffron is packed in all customs matters and delivered to the customs of the country of destination.

Saffron is sent from the Iranian customs office to the customs of the country of destination.

You can supply a variety of saffron exports at the best quality from Saffron Momtaz ghaenat Co.

For more information on saffron exports, you can contact us.

Buy Negin Export Saffron

buy negin export saffron

What is the price of Negin Export Saffron? Why is the export price of saffron varies from place to place?

Buy saffron one at a time.The quality of the export saffron supplied in our store is not comparable to other saffron buying and selling centers.

Saffron Negin Exporters Momtaz Qaenat has the following characteristics:

– The whole saffron is red (All red)

– Does not contain any white or creamy saffron

– There are no broken strands in the product at all

– Saffron is broken and saffron pollen is not present in the product

– Coloring power of saffron is high.

Our store is located at Saffron Production Center. The ever-present availability of saffron makes it possible for all orders to be use from the saffron newly produced (This year’s production .)

this year of saffron also has a bigger aroma than last year of saffron.
Due to the lack of whiteness in the negin export saffron, the color is very high. Coloring power of negin export saffron is over 240.

Negin Export Saffron is bulky and large.
It is better to use suitable packaging containers to prevent the breakage of saffron nuggets. Khatam packing are one of the best-selling packaging for saffron exported.

You can order the negin export saffron in the custom packaging through the site  of Saffron Momtaz Ghaenat Company.

price of iranian saffron per gram

price of iranian saffron per gram

What is the price of one gram of Iranian saffron? Which types of gram packed saffron are? Is the price of one gram of sargol saffron bigger or one gram of negin sauce?

Do you plan to buy saffron in a gram package?
And do you want to know about the price of one gram of saffron?
Saffron is packed in kilogram and gram packaging on the market.

The price of a saucepan is packed gram depending on the packaging of the packaging.
A variety of saffron packaging containers include khatam, azin, atlasi, crystal and envelopes.
The price of the khatam container is higher than other types of saffron packaging.

If you want to know about the exact price of one gram of saffron
By selecting the type of saffron and packing it you can enter the site of Saffron Momtaz ghaenat  Learn about the price of saffron types.

The price of saffron is not like other products and it changes daily so the Saffron Momtaz ghaenat website offers saffron prices up to date.
So people with more knowledge and confidence can buy saffron.